I was going through our product pictures, and even though they're super homemade at the moment, I felt like I might need to explain the reason for all of them being pretty much the same. As boring as it is, there is a purpose. We put all catchers, feathers & tassels on beds, antique windows, above dressers and desks for a little perspective. We want to give some concept of size so you somewhat know, and are comfortable with what you're buying. We know your time and money are valuable, so we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to providing descriptions and sizing. We shop online often ourselves, and we appreciate knowing as much information about whatever it is we're spending money on. I promise you, the pictures will get better. We've been scouting locations, trying to figure out good places to stage products so you get a good feel for them! A picture really is worth a thousand words πŸ“·

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