Who We Are - Extended Version

A little bit more about us personally, my husband Kris and I met as teenagers, and have been together for almost 21 years. We were both born and raised right here in the Fort Worth, Texas area. I also lived in Japan twice as a kid. First time at 7, the second time at 17.  We have the most amazing 17 year old daughter. Kris was diagnosed with a broken vertebra (a piece of his spine broke off) and degenerative disk disease at the age of 24, and subsequently had 5 major back surgeries over the course of a decade. He was in and out of doctor's offices, hospitals, and surgeries. Our daughter was barely a year old when he was diagnosed. We struggled desperately for many, many years. He had his last back surgery in 2012, and has been healthy ever since (knock on wood). We were finally able to buy our very first home in 2018. It was quite an accomplishment for us. After renting our whole adult lives, it's a strange sensation realizing we can do whatever we want. As many of you know, when you rent, be it a house or apartment, you typically can't change anything about the structure. No painting, changing fixtures, or landscaping. Since I wasn't able to express myself through the home we were renting, in order to find an outlet for my creativity, I started making home decor products. It was just a way for me to add my personal touch to something that wasn't ours. Back then Pinterest was like a bad habit for me. I scoured it like a fiend looking for a fix, trying to find something to do. But in the process I found these amazing DIY projects. From making sugar scrubs, to jewelry, to wooden signs. I tried them all. I got into essential oils, and natural alternatives. I made scrubs, cleansing oils, and hand soaps. But the first major project I sold was hand drawn wooden signs. I got into hand lettering, a form of modern day calligraphy, and transferred that skill to the signs. I also got into hand crocheting, and macramè in the same time period. I made blankets, rugs, and jewelry. I mainly made these things for family, friends, and myself. The dreamcatchers started that way too. I made one for myself, posted it on Facebook, and recieved a few orders from just that one post. I then moved into the mooncatchers, feathers, earrings, and all the rest! Macramé ended up becoming a passion of mine over all my other Pinterest adventures. I hear people say all the time "I just don't have the patience for it". I'm a little weird in the fact that I like the tedious things. Where others don't have the patience, I find it soothing, so Macramé was a natural attraction. I personally make every product here. We do not outsource, and we use the highest quality, most natural materials we can find. We don't use anything in our products that we wouldn't use ourselves, in our own home. We also wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't personally buy. Money is hard to come by, and I wouldn't expect you to buy something that I wouldn't buy myself. Where others in this industry are pushing subpar products for maximum profit, we just want to share the love. We'd rather sell a few and they be of high quality, than to sell hundreds and they be junk. Our products have put smiles on so many faces, including our own, we hope they can put a smile on your face too. 🖤

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