Who She Is

We know buying handmade goods online can feel like a risk sometimes. You can't touch, hold, or see the products, and it's hard to tell quality from pictures alone. So, we want to formally introduce the owner, and give you a short history on her, and what she does.

Hi 👋🏼 She's Kimberly! As a wife, and mother that home schooled their daughter, she was always looking for something new and exciting to do. That led to a really bad Pinterest addiction. Who's been there?! She managed to come across some pretty awesome DIY projects amongst the endless hours of scrolling. From essential oils, and DIY scrubs, to jewelry making, and hand crocheting, to wooden signs and hand lettering... she literally did IT ALL. But Macramé... Macramé was the thing she kept going back to like a bad habit. "It gave me the most frustration, but it also gave me the most reward. Macramé was in every nook & cranny of the 70's, and I firmly believe it has a place in our modern world. I want give people a fresh, new perspective on this centuries old technique. This is macramé for the modern age." -Kimberly Albee

They are a small home based business located in beautiful & historic Granbury, Texas. Kimberly started this business back in 2019 as a central location for people to be able to see, shop, and stay up to date on her latest creations. She also wanted a way to share this love with those outside her immediate area. She's a quality over quantity kind of person. "I'd rather sell a few and they be really high quality, than to sell thousands and they be junk. I'm not here to sell you junk. That's my business model, and my promise. You and your happiness are most important, and love is guarenteed. Please know I put my heart & soul into each and every piece. They truly are a labor of love. I only hope that you love them too. We can't thank you enough for your time, patience, & business." Love guarenteed


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries. Visit the contact page here for more details.