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3 Piece Rainbow Moonstone & Sterling Silver Minimalist Jewelry Set

Simple yet stunning set comes with:

• A pair of ball stud earrings
• Satellite chain bracelet - available in single or double

All silver components are .925 sterling silver and made in the USA

Minimalist • Hypoallergenic • Delicate • Tested for daily use

All pieces come with a genuine Rainbow Moonstone bead. Rainbow Moonstone is a mostly clear and white stone with spots and flecks of black. These black patches are Black Tourmaline, another popular and beautiful stone. Rainbow Moonstone has amazing properties that allow it to refract and reflect light, giving it an iridescent appearance. When placed in light, flashes of little rainbows appear --

Did you know -- Rainbow Moonstone isn't Moonstone at all. It's actually a variety of Labradorite - Madagascan Labradorite to be exact. Rainbow Moonstone has "labradorescence" -- an optical phenomenon that is produced in Labradorite stones. Rainbow moonstone also has black tourmaline incorporated, something that doesn't typically appear in moonstone.

🌈Rainbow Moonstone is known for its feminine goddess energy. It is a stone of protection, shielding from negative energies and influences. Its multi-colored sheen gives it mystical and spiritual qualities. It is said that when a full rainbow appears in a rainbow moonstone, it's a sign of that stone's magical power.

Backed by our Love Guarantee ♡

(An exact copy of this product was tested daily on highly sensitive skin for 4 weeks. Daily usage testing is done to ensure fit, quality, and durability. Results may vary.)