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To the moon & beyond

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ꎿ 6¼ inch mooncatcher made with 100% natural cotton cord (1mm), on a custom built bamboo frame. Webbed center, and macrame hanging, detailed with clear quartz crystal tassel. 

ꎿ Quartz is said to be the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom. Known as the stone of power, it amplifies any energy or intention, and protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain. Perfect for a dreamcatcher!

ꎿ Approximately 7 inches at its widest, and 18 inches long (without top hanger cords. Those add to overall length).

ꎿ This catcher is one of our faves! The quartz crystal really adds to the allure. It would be gorgeous in a nursery or bedroom, commanding only sweet dreams and good vibes as you sleep!

ꎿ All mooncatcher© frames are built by us, by hand. There's no outsourcing here!

🆕️ Pick your frame color! Varathane Wood Stain available in Antique White, Weathered Gray, American Walnut, Kona, or bare (no stain)

💡Hang the catcher by the frame itself for a cleaner look!

Custom builds available, please read our Custom Work page for more information. 

This catcher is made to order just for you, and will require a processing period. For more information about that, as well as details about our products, please read our Product Disclosure here.

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