Catcher and Cord


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ꎿ 10 inch dreamcatcher made with 2mm 100% cotton cord, on a bamboo hoop stained with Varathane wood stain. Flower webbed center; simple macrame hanging and feather; both hanging and feather are hand dyed in varying degrees of black. 

ꎿ Approximately 10 inches at its widest, and 28½ inches long (not including top hanger cord, which adds to overall length) 

ꎿ Trin•i•ty (n) The state of being three. Three simple colors, in three simple rows. The silver and dark gray really pop against the neutral, natural cotton. Beautiful color, beautiful design, and an excellent way to fill up any space. ➿➿➿ 

💡Hang the catcher by the frame itself for a cleaner look.

This catcher is in stock and does not require a processing period. Please read our Product Disclosure for more details about products & color.

Custom builds also available, please read our Custom Work page

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