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Tassel Earrings made with 100% cotton on a wooden hexagon

• Wood available in cherry (medium), and walnut (dark)

• Several colors available for a limited time*

*Color Descriptions - colors in photos for reference in order from left to right

  • Mocha - like your morning pick-me-up but with a ton of milk/creamer
  • Blush - Mac Blush color Tenderling
  • Wildflower - a bright peachy orangey pink; like the little flowers you see growing wild
  • Sunset - just like the burnt orange that bathes the earth as our star sets
  • Honey - Deep • rich • golden
  • Laurel - a light dusty green grey
  • Camouflage - a muted greyish olive
  • Indigo - deep jewel tone blue
  • Lilac - an extremely light purple, just this side of white; exactly like the flower
  • Mist - a very light grey
  • Vintage White - a subtle shade of white
  • Obsidian - deep & dark black

• Metal components available in silver & gold

  • Most metal components are hand formed in house. This allows us to offer high quality materials without compromising affordability.

(Example pairs shown in photos are Obsidian on walnut & silver, and Blush on walnut & silver)

• Hypoallergenic; excellent for sensitive ears

• Approximately 3 inches long

🪴 As with anything natural, no two stones or wood frames are the same, and like fingerprints, no two pairs are alike. Slight variations in color and pattern can be expected, even between two pairs of the same design. It's just the nature of nature! But please know that you're getting a completely unique set of earrings, and that each pair will be carefully chosen and made by hand specifically for you

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