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xxl feather

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ꎿ ░𝚡░𝚡░𝚕░feather made from 4mm 100% natural cotton cord, in its natural color.

ꎿ Approximately 15½ inches long, and 8½ inches wide (hanger cord length can vary, and adds to overall length).

ꎿ These feathers are GORGEOUS. Big and full, they are perfect for filling up large spaces. Because of their neutral color, they make beautiful additions to any room or decor. Hang them on walls, door knobs, doors, or old decorative windows. Hang them off the side of your bed, or in a bathroom.  Let your imagination XX-plode 💣

ꎿ Pictures are to give a little inspiration for use, and context of size; only feathers are available for purchase; color may vary between feathers.

Custom builds available, please read our Custom Work page for more information. 

Please read our Product Disclosure here for details.

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